Jurassic Lounge


The Australian Museum opens its doors for one night only. Discover Sydney's award-winning after-hours event featuring pop-up bars, live music and performance, interactive  games, expert talks, hands-on workshops, film screenings and live art,  set against a stunning backdrop of taxidermy and quirky science  specimens.


A few nights each year, once the doors have closed to the public, Jurassic Lounge takes over the Australian Museum, granting its audience unique after-hours access to dinosaurs, precious gemstones, and groundbreaking exhibitions such as Garrigarrang: Sea Country which explores Indigenous connections to the sea.

Inspired by the galleries and collections, performers, artists, scientists and comedians remix the Museum into a surprising playground for 2,000 grown-ups. In association with The Australian Museum, The Festivalists have hosted more than 60 impressive Jurassic Lounge events, attracting over 68,000 visitors to the Museum.

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Jurassic Lounge is an 18+ event